Technical Services

We form an extended team to our clients while offering end to end technology services for unified communication systems, enterprise software products and telecom infrastructure. Our teams are available 24X7 to deliver best-in-class support at a industry challenging SLA to our clients on high priority.

ITIL delivery framework, Lean Six Sigma Operations and Customer Focus Approach are our edge in Technology Service space. A blend of our technical expertise and sensibility to client/customer business impact compliments the decision to engage us on their mission critical processes.

We use a trilogy of tools/application exclusively designed & deployed to cater to technology services. Offshore technical support provides extraordinary value from technology, flexibility & financial perspective. However, many offshore organizations fail to instill the urgency of timely communication and execution expected in today’s always on business culture.

Everything you need At a Glance

Inspiredge provides the experience managing enterprise outsourced operations with a dedicated team of systems engineers who are available around the clock to supplement and extend your service delivery capabilities.

Outsourcing technical support affords our clients the opportunity to address constraints such as:

High labour costs and attrition rates among technical support staff
Reduction / Elimination of physical plant
Optimizing allocation of limited resources
Ability to scale expert technical service teams to demand
Coverage of hard to staff off hours shifts
Provides a competitive advantage to organizations
Allows our clients to provide a higher level of service, at a lower cost, and enhancing customer satisfaction